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That if you pass away without a will, don't worry, the State of Ohio, has already written a will for you. That's right, and you can find your state-written will in Ohio Revised Code §2105.06. In a nutshell, here's how your estate would be divided if you died without a will (intestate).

Are you married with children? Then your spouse gets it all and your children get nothing, unless you have children from another relationship, then she has to share your estate with those children, but not with the children your spouse has with you. Sound good? If you have children but no spouse then your children get your estate. No spouse, no children, then all to your parents. Parents passed away? Then equally to your siblings, whether half or whole blood. No siblings? Then equally between your maternal and paternal grandparents, or their survivors if your grandparents are dead, read that as aunts, uncles and cousins. If none of those, then to your stepchildren, and if none of those then your estate is given to the State of Ohio. This is a simplification of the code, it's more complicated than this.

If there is a piece of property you want someone to have after you die, make your wishes known and make out a will.

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