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There's fifty ways to leave your lover, according to Paul Simon. But there must be fifty ways to lose your license in Ohio. That's probably the reason that there are hundreds of thousands of Ohioans that are walking around (or taking the bus with Gus) with a suspended license. Many of those don't realize that it could be fairly simple to reinstate their license.

There are two types of suspensions, an administrative suspension which is done by the State of Ohio, and court ordered suspension which is done by a judge or magistrate. Some examples of an administrative suspension are, having twelve points on your record in a two year period. Also, if your are pulled over and don't have any insurance, you will get a Financial Responsibility Act (FRA) suspension. If you have an at-fault accident without insurance, the State may suspend your license until you either pay the damages or make payment arrangements . This is called a security suspension.

Examples of court-ordered suspensions are, being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, any drug conviction, non-payment of child support, not showing up for court to name but a few.

To clear up an administrative suspension, you need to contact the BMV (Snow Rd. for example). But you may request driving privileges under an administrative suspension from your local court.

In court-ordered suspensions, you have to petition the court for any termination or modification of a suspension, such as driving privileges.

In many suspensions, whether administrative or court-ordered, you just have to wait the the suspension out plus pay the fines, costs and other requirements. But you may be able to get occupational driving privileges. If you are suspended, don't skip out the back, Jack,call the BMV or go their website to see your driving record, and your reinstatement requirements.

If you have any questions, contact an attorney.

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